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DouLa-La Colorado by Missy Eisenach of #FortCollinsAt DouLa-La Colorado your birth experience is taken care of by an experienced professional trained in all aspects of pregnancy, birthing and post birth activities. Consider me your extra level of support for all things birthing related. While this time is an exceptional, amazing, positive time as you prepare to welcome  a new family member, it can also be a time of anxiety and worry if you do not feel comfortable or knowledgeable enough to make key decisions.

My experience in coaching moms as a Doula reveals that with a non-biased person by your side providing valuable information and assisting you in making these decisions – your birth is calmer, more organized and the baby and you have a smooth delivery. There are fewer complications, potential issues are minimized and the end result is that you are truly in control of the birth of your child. The transition to breastfeeding is also an easier path as well with the support of a Doula.

If you are in need of more information about the role of a Doula, please see my page entitled “What is a Doula?” It will help give you more specific information about what to expect for Doula services. You can also read my bio page to see my credentials and read testimonials that will assist you in making the decision to hire me as your Doula for the birth of your child.

I work well as the sole person in the room with you or as an additional support person with your partner or spouse. As the birth progresses, many of my clients tell me they are very pleased with having someone to “count on” for even the littlest of things that they require during the process of having a child. While it may seem easy to assume your birth will be easy, having another knowledgeable person to help you communicate with hospital personnel is critical to help mom stay calm and focused.

I absolutely love helping my clients during this amazing time - welcoming a new baby into the world is so special. Browse this site and see the blog area called News for great information. Call DouLa-La Colorado – Missy Eisenach for a consultation to discover more about my services and fees. Thank you!